Friday, September 26, 2008

Look Book

Meg Thick Brown Feather Headband

Necklace Headbands:
Twisted Metal Headband
Rounded Links Headband
styled with
Meg Thick Brown Feather Bracelet

Melle Black Feather Headband

Styled as one:
Mars Beaded Headband in White
also comes in Black, Blue and Green
Carey Tall Black and White Feather Headband

All styled as one:
Juniper Double Feather Headband
Daisy Thin  Yellow Feather Headband
Alice Thin Green Feather Headband
Twisted Metal Necklace Headband
Leo Brown Feather Hair Clip

Michelle Black Fringe Belt

Hex Rubber Barbed Wire Headband
Stella Jeweled Headband
styled with 
Melle Black Feather Headband
Stella Jeweled Headband
Pocohontas Tall Brown Feather Headband
Hand Studded Jean Shorts

Sophie Peacock Headband 
Alice Tall Green Feather Headband
styled with
Kate Feather Hair Clip in Grey
Carly Jeweled Headband in Chocolate also comes in
Mauve, Champagne, and Grey

Hand Studded Moccassins
Slither Double Black Snake Skin Headband
styled with
Mars Beaded Bracelet

Caroline Thin Brown Feather Headband
Kate Feather Hair Clips in Eggplant, Black and Grey

Model: Brianne Howey
Photos by: Alyssa Lesser


gail said...

Way to go Molly! Can't wait till you hit L.A.!!

A.n.E said...

these are gorgeous! well done!

Dana (MODAna) said...

these are UNREAL
so amazing

Tiffany Tomlinson said...

molly these are absolutely beautiful! i can't believe I lived with a designer!! You are so creative and I know you are definitely going places! congrats!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Where are these sold?

xo/ fashion chalet

miky said...

you face is sooooooo sweet!!!tor eyes are fool of joy!
ok ok i stop befor it could seem stange anihow i love them... realy
where can i buy?